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Though not my art, this was a gift from a friend named Ambrose for Christmas. She is part of a species called "Rose Ponies". And if you want to find this absolutely AWESOME person on tumblr, just go and look up bleedingmagpie.
Chapter 1. The Encounter
*Luna's Pov**flash back *
I was in shining Silver Armor with a sword in each hand, I was in what seemed to be a desert where the sun never shown it was always the moon that shined and caught my attention. One night I was tired and I lay down to rest, that's when I saw them, they were powerful creatures none that I have ever seen in my life. They were white each different but each more powerful than the next, but one stood out amongst them all to me, a creature all white with horns, black wings, and…no mouth? When I saw they were about to fire some sort of magic I charged swords out and then there was a bright flash then just…nothing, total darkness.
*End of flash back*
I was woken up shaken roughly by my best friend Akuma. Akuma may be blind but she was strong so NO man messed or bothered her……unlike I who seems to attract every man that sees me! Now I know how Aphrodite feels except I don't want boys to be around me 'because in the end…they die. "WAKE UP LUNA!!!" yelled my, oh so stressing friend Akuma. "What! What!! WHAT!!!" I replied ever so annoyed as hell. "Luna a costumer is here time to do your magic!" said my friend who seems to be confident even though tired as a mother fucker! Let's get one thing straight I am a mind reader but I only know who thought it if I LOOK at them if not it's a gamble who it belongs to and YES I am technically immortal and a Mobster hey don't judge me a orphan girl needs to make a living somehow!
I look at Akuma tired and look at the man at the door way with an emotionless face and ask "Who is he? I never seen him before like…ever" Akuma Merely laughs and says "don't know but he's cute a-hey WAIT A MINUTE!" I jump a bit waking up and yell at Akuma beyond pissed "WTH! WHAT IS IT CAN'T I JUST GET SOME GOD DAMN SLEEP?!?!?!" Akuma seemed frightened at first but calmed down and whispers "that's Ulquiorra Sciffer! I didn't even know the Espada existed!" I give Akuma the most annoyed look I ever gave and said "he's probably just a cos-player so calm the fuck down."
I saw her with long black hair and her piercing red eye but I noticed that her other eye was a cold bright blue but both were soft. When I heard her yell I knew she needed to be taught a lesson but Aizen has strictly token my powers away and left me and some of what used to be the Espada out of Hueco Mundo and left us here, and I was here to get what the humans called a "job".
*Luna's Pov*
I could easily feel everyone's heads turn towards this guy which annoyed me even more and my Manager said "I don't know who you are but your hired!" but I felt something was off about him something not…human.

Chapter 2. When two worlds collide
"WHAT?! BUT HE JUST GOT HERE!!!" ooh NOW I was pissed he just got here and he gets a job?! Then I break loose and decide to give them BOTH hells, "ok listen here! He walked in here and gets a job where it took me 9 god damn months to get the job I have now! This I could report to the police!" and I was SLAPPED by the new guy HARD to enough to make me fall to the ground. I growled and stood up and spit up blood at them and walked out yelling at the top of my lungs "I FUCKING QUIT!!!! YOU SONS OF A GOD DAMN MOTHER FUCKING BITCHES CAN KISS MY ASS SO GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!" and walked out towards home. On my way home I saw someone was getting beat up pretty bad, lucky the guys hurting him was of an enemy Mafia family, so acting quickly I charge at them taking out my Daggers and started slashing only to be interrupted and I killed one of the seven wit this weird ball to my head. WH-what?! I couldn't move! What the hell is this?!?! On reflex I jumped behind whoever was pointing it at me not getting a good look though. Then I saw this HUGE blast of blue then it died down and I saw every one of the killers dead. I was beyond shocked at took a look at who fired it who seems to be staring back at ME with a smirk I know from most staring at me because they always have lust in their eyes. He had Powder blue hair that seemed to spike easily, he had a bone mask on the right side of his face and he had mesmerizing teal eyes I could just stare into them all day. He snapped me out of my trance with "what's a pretty girl like you doing here?" and started to get close a little TO close. On instinct I ran out of the ally into one of my Mafia family members thank god!
"Ace of Spades?! What happen you look like you saw a ghost!" said my partner-in-crime Alice but everyone else calls her Cheshire Cat. One thing you should know about my family we all have nick names the highest just below the boss are the Aces but most call me one of two ranks "Ace of Spades" which I have to go in for more violent jobs and "Queen of Diamonds" which means I get more money than all the family…well except the boss and the Ace of Diamonds that is. So I explained my situation to Alice but she looked at me like I was insane but laughed. "Well if there's one thing this cat knows is, its science! Don't worry we'll figure this riddle out!" said my partner cheerfully and dragged me to the base. "Ace of Spades gets in here!" uh oh the boss seems mad but I walked out into his office feeling like a gazel to a lion. I saw by his side a tall man and I mean TALL he had smooth black hair but a lot of it was covering his right eye he seemed to be grinning at me. Oh no again with theis men?! "Yes Boss?" I said slightly nervous because I was keeping a sharp eye on the new guy. "Ace of Spades this is Nnoitra he'll be your King of Spades". Just great he- hey waits a minute he seems a lot like that giant praying mantis creature! Aura and all! "Remember Ace of Spades him and his allies stay with you until they get on their feet…" at least we can agree on one thing because Nnoitra and I said in unison "WHAT?! NO WAY!" Of course the boss wasn't exactly pleased and ordered us both out which we had to any how I forcefully stated "we'll King of Spades 1. Welcome the family, 2. Get whatever allies you have and meet me at my home" and I hand him a slit of paper with my address on it "and 4. If you even DARE to think you can take me down you have another thing coming!" I said annoyed and stormed out.
(rest of story will be continued)


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uhh idk how to explain it wit detail =_="


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